Branding and Growth. 3 goals that I will achieve.

Why am I blogging? To get followers, to meet people with same interests and lifestyle. Also I am blogging to learn. My wish is to open internet shop. I have some ideas, also I have money, but I don’t have enough knowledge. Blogging could help me with that. What I am expect from my blog? I wish to get 1000 followers, a lot of comments, and full list of discussions. My 3 goals are: 1000 followers, good posts from myself, and enough experience to fill myself confident in this area! How often I will post? Every day at least once, when I would have internet. Sometimes for seafarer it’s a huge problem. What would this blog do for me? It will be record, prove and acknowledgement for myself, that I could realize myself in different aspects of life. I believe that I could achieve these 3 goals in 2 years and get a lot of others benefits.


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